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Anthem Blue Cross of California Solution PPO Plans 

Times have gotten tough and are getting tougher.  Record layoffs have hit and we are seeing a recession like none since the early 1980’s.  Anthem Blue Cross has introduced new plan options this fall to combat rising California health insurance premiums and the economy in distress.  Now, more than ever it’s important to keep your health benefits in place for the employees you count on.  If you need to consider reducing your premium costs think about moving to the Anthem Blue Cross of California Solution PPO plans.  You maintain comprehensive benefits for hospital and outpatient physician services keeping co-pays for the most typical plan usages: doctors office visits, preventative care/obgyn, and prescription drugs.  With the Solutions PPO plan family you get:


Access to 53,000 doctors and specialists in California alone to choose from + over 400 hospitals.  You also get access nationally to the BlueCard network which gives you ‘in-network’ benefits to any BlueCross BlueShield provider in the country.

Prescription Drugs           

Coverage for both Brand and Generic prescriptions covered mainly through co-pays just like the richer benefit PPO plans, with primary general medical deductible waived.   

Anthem 360 Health Program       The 360 Anthem Health program is a set of resources designed to help you achieve your personal health goals.  It is condition case management, video education courses, online advice and treatment programs monitered by nurse case management.  All of this comes to you at no additional charge out of your pocket!

Preventative Care            

You get preventative care and annual physical benefits without having to pay a plan deductible.  Since many of you only use your plan for your annual checkup, obgyn, pap/mammogram Anthem Blue Cross gives you this benefit up front.  It is a nice trade off for assuming the higher deductibles for major bills and catastrophies.

Three Plans to Choose From        

Pick your deductible level according to the amount of risk you are willing to bear on a big bill while meeting your goals for affordable premiums:

Solutions PPO 2500

Solutions PPO 3500

Solutions PPO 5000

Anthem Blue Cross of California is also offering a special election window where any active group can take advantage of the new plan offering regardless of the Anniversary month (the month the group holds ‘open enrollment’ and is allowed to request plan changes and benefit option alterations).  This way you can start the savings right away and take advantage of the pricing.  Contact Us to request making any plan changes or for more information on these great plans.  We will be happy to assist you even if you are a current Anthem Blue Cross of California group member or need to evaluate the pricing versus your current health plan pricing.  For an instant quote on the plans visit our Small Group health insurance quoting engine

For actual benefits covered and exclusions please refer to the evidence of coverage contract provided by Anthem Blue Cross of California.  Have a question?  Call us today at 1-866-486-6551 now and we’ll be happy to assist.


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